Mary Writes Words: Wild, Wonderful Writing & Bless Your Heart Snark.

Mary McClelland is a writer, a muser, and is generally in love with discerning what the hell is going on with reality and beyond. If you’re not afraid of bold, lush, and ballsy content; she’s your girl. An entertainment writer by trade, she also ponders the eternal question of what lies beneath (above, beside and in-between) on her podcast, The Puff Piece (coming soon), and in her blog, Musings.

The Puff Piece, launching in June, goes behind the screen of the entertainment industry to discern the reality from the pseudo reality by interviewing people who work in the industry. The Puff Piece also investigates how nearly everyone lives an unconventional life in someway, yet what we see is very, very rarely what there is!

In other invocations, Mary is a bio-writing wizardess, who absolutely loves helping others discover, develop, and proclaim their own unconventional reality. Inside every brilliant mind is an even kookier one just hoping to leap out!